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"Love’s the most powerful emotion, and that makes it the most dangerous."
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Death by Chris Bachalo.


Death by Chris Bachalo.

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To fight monsters, we created monsters of our own.

Pacific Rim, 2013

One of the greatest things about this quote (and this movie) is that it had all the potential in the world to spread the dark and terrible (and often truthful) idea that in order to fight the darkness, one must absorb some of that darkness. It was very prominent in The Dark Knight trilogy, especially as articulated by Harvey Dent: “You die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” 

Pacific Rim doesn’t do this. Mankind bands together for a true world war. There are already enough monsters coming for them; they do not need to become monstrous themselves. The monsters they create are not beasts but guards and armor to protect, not universally destroy. The jaegers rarely deliberately destroy massive structures (remember Gipsy Danger carefully stepping over a large walkway and nimbly navigating between buildings during the fight in Hong Kong). The pilots in the jaegers are very human and imperfect but are still heroes. They may have created monsters, but they did not become them.

Everyone and their mother has lauded this, but it bears repeating: in Pacific Rim, mankind’s power is not in its capacity for destruction or power or control or harnessing its deepest instincts but instead in its humanity—its ability to rebuild, to persevere, to empathize and to understand. 

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From the solicit: “The creative team celebrates the first FULL YEAR of their astonishing unbroken run!” Well Cheers to that, Mr. Noto, and ye readers.
Black Widow 13


From the solicit: “The creative team celebrates the first FULL YEAR of their astonishing unbroken run!” Well Cheers to that, Mr. Noto, and ye readers.

Black Widow 13

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Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

horsemen of the apocalypse

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D + Cards Against Humanity

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• Use the hand you write with.

• Make a fist with your thumb outside, not tucked inside. If it’s tucked inside your fist, when you punch someone, you might break your thumb. The thumb goes across your fingers, not on the side.

• Don’t be like in the movies—don’t aim for the face. Face punches don’t usually stop people, and you can miss when they duck their head or break your hand on their jaw. If you want to get away quickly, or end a fight, aim for the chest, or the ribs. If you really want to do some damage, e.g., you’re being attacked, aim for the throat, which will make it hard for your attacker to breathe for a hot minute.

• When you punch, you want to aim and hit with your first two knuckles. Not the flats of your fingers, and not your ring or pinky knuckles, which can break more easily. You can use your weight, if you’re on your feet, to add wallop, and spring into a punch with your feet and torso.

Useful information, esp. if you haven’t taken self defense.

I reblogged this once before to add this and I’ll do it again…

keep your wrist straight.

You can also risk breaking your wrist if you allow it to bend.  I actually can’t believe this isn’t in there.

Other good pointers:

  • if your attacker is male, go for his junk - especially if he’s wearing loose pants. There’s no sportsmanship when it comes to assault so fuck them balls UP
  • punching pretty much ANYWHERE in the face is going to actually hurt you a LOT (just think - you’re punching your bones into their bones and ow). If you’re going for the face, my suggestion is to strick upwards with your palm.


see that meaty portion highlighted in red? There’s a lot of muscle and fat right there which makes it excellent for striking. Hold your hand as shown and aim for the nose or chin (though I’ve been told in extreme circumstances, doing this to the nose can be fatal but I’ve never really heard if this is true or not) and just aim upwards

  • other delicate areas: 
  • the shin (hurts like a bitch if you kick it right - also, you can hit this spot if you’re being held in a choke-hold and if your attacker has to move in order to stop you from kicking him, he’ll have to angle his body so as to expose his stomach and crotch to the wild spastic jabbings of your elbows)
  • the solar plexus (either jab while holding your hand in a sort of spear position or use your elbows - unless you’re super strong, your punch probably won’t wind your attacker. Your elbow or a spear hand will, however)
Originally in (most) martial arts, you hit the solar plexus because it supposedly contained an important chakra. Now we know that it actually also contains like a bunch of necessary organs that are exposed just below your ribs and is also (roughly) where your diaphragm lives so getting punched there is not pleasant.
  • the clavicle (from experience, getting hit in your clavicle HURTS LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER. If you strike downwards with your knuckles, the person might just cry. Like I did.)
  • the ear (this is probably the best place to punch besides the throat. It’s all cartilage so it probably won’t hurt you all that much and most people will be like “DUDE YOU PUNCHED ME IN THE EAR WHAT THE HELL”)
  • the kidneys (this is harder to hit without training but if you somehow get your attacker’s back to face you, try to hit’em in the kidneys. Again, from experience, this FUCKING HURTS. You can’t really hit the kidneys from the front with any effect but from the back it is super painful)


  • if you’re held in a choke-hold, try turning your head so the forearm isn’t pressed into your throat. If you can position yourself right, you can sort of force your chin into the crook of the elbow, making you able to still receive (limited) oxygen and provide time for you to kick some shins or elbow some spleens and shit

-Also, remember that a guy’s junk is not an off-button. Don’t think that you can rely on a swift kick to the balls to immediately incapacitate him in an emergency. Adrenaline and anger can keep somebody going for a long time even through extreme pain, and if you expect to end a fight with a single groin-attack you might be caught off-guard when he doesn’t drop. Certainly go for it if you get the chance, but keep hitting him until the fight is over.

-Draw blood if you can, especially if you can draw it from the face or the eyes. Blood in the eyes is not just a good way to impair your attacker’s vision, it’s also a really good way to freak them out and let them know that they might be getting more than they bargained for by picking a fight with you.

-Elbows and knees are really powerful weapons. Elbows are very sharp and very strong and if you are in close-range they are often more effective than trying to throw a punch. 

-Yelling and shouting makes you scary. 

Nothing much to add to this, it’s pretty much all there. So. Reblog. Oh, also, it’s really easy to break a nose - go for the eyes too. All it takes to avoid a shot to the throat is tucking your chin.

Also, that part about the ear - don’t punch. An open hand over the ear hurts a lot.

Tumblr teaching me how to fuck a bitch up

Also if you fuck up their face it’ll be easier for police to identify the attacker.

If someone gets you from behind and you cant punch them, go for the underside of the upper-arm. A bad pinch there is legit so painful because that skin is super sensitive.
Also this cant be stressed enough, if the attacker is a guy then fucking rip his junk off.

also if you can avoid hitting with your hands, do it. if a punch lands wrong and you break your hand and he’s still up, it’s no bueno, so grab what’s closest and/or use your environment. i’ve had my head smashed facefirst into a telephone pole before and that did more damage than any punch i’ve ever given or taken.

and use your feet. if you get him down at ground level, don’t be afraid to kick or stomp whatever’s closest as hard as you can. head, solar plexus, kidneys, groin, etc. but don’t hover or hesitate for too long, because if he grabs you and the fight goes to the ground, it’s a lot harder to defend yourself.

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Something good, something bad—a bit of both
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Carol Danvers- Captain Marvel, Fighter pilot, Flies, Zaps, Punches

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Can we just talk about the moment when the Howling Commandos realize that the only reason any of them made it out is because Steve loves Bucky That. Fucking. Much.? That if Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes were just a tiny bit less adorable, they’d all be dead?


It was getting late, that portion of the night where the alcohol was no longer making you forget quite as well as it had been.  The Howling Commandos lingered around the table, none of them ready to test whether the prison bars would still be there when they closed their eyes.

The gal in the red dress had come and gone, but Rogers was still in the back, nursing the same beer he’d had all night and deep in conversation with Barnes.

Dugan, watching them, sighed. “He’s the reason we’re alive, you know.”

Morita gave him an “Are you kidding me?” look. “Rogers? Yeah, I was kind of there for that.”

Dugan shook his head. “No, Barnes.”

Falsworth nodded. “He’s the one Rogers went in there to get.” Dernier did the same, saying something in French that Gabe responded to with a solemn expression.

“Can’t be,” Morita scoffed, taking another drink. “You don’t break into an enemy base just to get one guy.”

“Did you listen to the chatter when we got back?” Gabe asked. “No one, including the general, expected to see us.”

“I heard someone say that Rogers offered himself up for disciplinary action,” Falsworth added. “The general, unsurprisingly, declined the offer.”

“And when he was letting us out, he didn’t ask us a single question about enemy intel or guard placement,” Gabe continued.

Dugan nodded. “The only thing he cared about was knowing where Barnes was.”

Silence fell around the table as everyone’s eyes went to the two men still sitting at the back bar.

“So what we’re saying is that the guy we just promised to follow into battle went on a suicide run for one guy,” Morita said finally.

“And saved all of our asses in the process,” Dugan added.

Morita considered this for a moment, then nodded. “I can live with that.”

Falsworth did the same. “That kind of loyalty is a fine thing.”

Dernier said something again, Gabe leaning close while they held a murmured conversation in French. They both looked almost sad.

 “What did he say?” Morita asked, needing to know.

Gabe turned back to the rest of the group. “He asked what would happen to Rogers if Barnes died.”

The men looked at each other. “Let’s hope we never have to find out,” Falsworth said finally, speaking for all of them.

They all toasted to it.  

Oh god this person took my post and made it wonderfully sad. *sob*

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"Let’s start, babe."


I mean, for any red-blooded fangirl WHERE ELSE CAN THE MIND GO?

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